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For those who prioritise space, weight and a good nights sleep under the stars.

Trekmates AirLite Camping Pillow
Trekmates AirLite Camping Pillow

Ever wondered if you could bring the comfort of your bed to the great outdoors?The Trekmates AirLite Camping Pillow might just hold the answer! A compact, comfortable and adjustable pillow to compliment your camping sleep system, the AirLite provides excellent nighttime head support and packs down to the size of a coke can- perfect for those who prioritise pack space and weight.

For those who prioritise space, weight and a good nights sleep under the stars.

Trekmates Airlite Camping Pillow
Trekmates AirLite Camping Pillow

In this comprehensive review, we'll delve into the features, performance, value and our own experience using the Trekmates AirLite Camping Pillow. So let's take a closer look and discover if the AirLite Pillow really does bring the comfort of your bed to the great outdoors!

Price: £27.95 GBP List 🔥🔥🔥

Product Specifications:


  • Weight: 100 g
  • Dimensions: 34 x 24 x 10 cm
  • Materials: 30D Polyester with TPU Coating
  • Valve: One way inflate/deflate valve
  • Model: Inflatable
  • Stuff Sack: Yes, with small loop handle

PROS AND CONS - Our Key Takeaways

Trekmates AirLite Camping Pillow🔥🔥🔥🔥
👍: Ultra-lightweight and compact👎:Slight air loss over night
👍: Soft and comfortable fabric 👎: Slight noise when moving
👍: Quick and easy inflation👎:Higher price point
👍: Versatile for varied sleeping positions - plenty head space

At a Glance:

The Trekmates AirLite Camping Pillow weighs a minuscule 75 g, so its feather-light weight and compact size immediately caught our attention. The stuff sack looked fairly robust and unrolling the rectangular pillow, we were pleased to see good, quality materials with a decent finish which gives the pillow durability. The pillow felt soft and comfortable once inflated, which was promising, and we were excited to put it to the test on our camping trip.

Under The Microscope - putting the Trekmates AirLite Camping Pillow through it's paces.

In order to give the Trekmates AirLite Camping Pillow a thorough testing, we teamed it up with the Sea to Summit Aeros pillow on the very windy, but very beautiful cliff tops near Fast Castle.

We put the Camping Pillow through our rigorous testing criteria to evaluate it's overall performance and functionality, design and construction, our own user experience and value for money and overall, the Trekmates Airlite performed very well over the 4 criteria giving them a 4 out of 5 fireside rating.

We ranked Value for Money as a 4 as it is at the top end of the range and not particularly budget friendly. It ranked 4 on performance due to the fact that there was slight air loss during the night.

Under the Microscope - Our Testing Criteria

BenchmarksOur Fireside Rating
Performance and Functionality🔥🔥🔥🔥
Design and Construction🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
User Experience🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Value for Money🔥🔥🔥🔥

Performance and Functionality

Throughout our camping trip, the AirLite proved it's worth. It's as functional as they come - 5 breaths tops and the pillow is up and ready to go. It can easily be deflated in seconds and rolled straight back up into it's stuff sack with no issues. The lightweight design makes this a great option for backpackers or campers who want to minimise weight and maximise space.

The AirLite felt like it had lost some air during the night, but all it took was one quick top-up and it was back to the firmness required. The integrated valve seemed robust and was unnoticeable when sleeping. The pillow felt soft and cosy and comfortable which led to a decent nights sleep under the stars.

Compact size of Trekmates AirLite Camping Pillow
Compact size of Trekmates AirLite Camping Pillow

Design and Construction

The design of the Trekmates AirLite Camping Pillow is focused on both comfort and functionality. This inflatable pillow allows for adjustment to give great head and neck support as you can choose the level of firmness that suits your sleeping needs best.

The Airlite is made with a soft, brushed polyester cover which feels really soft against skin and the underside of the pillow has a silicone print bottom which stops you sliding off your sleep mat. Although not as effective as the Sea to Summit's PillowLock system, it still does the trick.

The integrated low-profile valve does exactly what it's supposed to do, allowing for quick inflation and deflation without any hassle. One design drawback that could be considered is the limited colour options, as only teal and grey are available, but the pillow's general performance outshone this minor inconvenience.

User Experience

Using the Trekmates AirLite Camping Pillow proved to be a great outdoor sleeping experience. It proved, not only reliable, but an incredibly comfortable pillow with ample head room and great neck support.

The low-profile valve made inflating and deflating hassle-free, and the pillow was up and ready to go with about 4-5 breaths. Deflating was just as quick allowing us to quickly and easily pack away the pillow into it's stuff sack. Adjusting the pillow was straightforward as you just press lightly on the inner valve and air is released.

The fabric is fairly soft and comfortable and felt cosy against the skin. One added bonus is the silicone print bottom which acts as an anti-slip mat so you don't lose your pillow during the night and this proved very effective.

 Airlite Pillow with low profile valve and silicone print bottom
AirLite Pillow low profile Valve and silicone print bottom

The pillow is slightly noisy but nothing more than you would expect with a camping pillow so just takes a little bit of manoeuvring until you've found your perfect spot!


We decided to test both the Trekmates AirLite and the Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight the same night as both pillows were comparable in size, weight and price. I prefer a more traditional shaped pillow, so the AirLite Rectangular suited me better as I enjoy more head space but our other tester was happier with the more crescent shaped Aeros which contours the shoulders.

Both stand out shoulders above the majority of camping pillows on the market with a combination of portability, adjustable support, comfort and their very small packed size. The AirLite held up well against the Aeros but was pipped at the post due to the fact that the AirLite lost a little air during the night compared to the Aeros which remained solid until morning. The AirLite's overall performance make it a strong contender in the camping pillow arena.

Value for Money

Considering how compact, light and comfortable it is, the AirLite pillow offers solid value for its price. It is at the higher end of the range of camping pillows, as there is a plethora of much cheaper, but not so well built, options out there, but its combination of lightweight design, durability, and quality materials make it a worthwhile investment for those who prioritise a good night's sleep while camping.

Trekmates Airlite Rectangular Camping Pillow
Trekmates Airlite Rectangular Camping Pillow

Got some questions about the Trekmates AirLite Camping Pillow? We've got you covered! Check out these frequently asked questions for valuable insights, tips, and practical information to help you make the most of your camping pillow.

What kind of pillow should I use for camping?

Essentially, tailor your camping pillow to your specific sleeping needs. If you prefer a more traditional shaped pillow, then you might be better with a compressible pillow such as the Therm-a-Rest compressible but if you need to adjust the firmness, then opt for an inflatable one such as Sea to Summit Aeros.

Can I adjust the firmness of the pillow?

Yes, and that's why inflatable camping pillows are great if you prefer a firmer pillow to support side sleeping or you are just used to a higher loft. It's easy to just inflate or deflate according to your needs.

What are the benefits of a camping pillow?

Ensuring the best sleep possible whilst camping! Having a camping pillow gives you that extra comfort you crave after a day hiking or camping out in the wild. It helps make sure that you don't have a stiff or sore neck in the morning and considering how small and compact camping pillows are, it makes the perfect addition to your camping gear essentials.


The Trekmates AirLite Camping Pillow will make a great addition to your camping gear essentials. Its ultra-lightweight, adjustable and compact design make it an ideal companion for backpackers looking to reduce pack weight and space and for campers who enjoy a bit of extra comfort under the stars. The AirLite performed well, with only a very minor loss of air during the night, and although the colour options are limited to just teal and grey, the convenience and comfort of this pillow more than make up for it. For those who prioritise a good nights sleep out in the open, then the Airlite is definitely worth considering as part of your sleep system.

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